Delicious Delicatessen and Cafe – My new find!

A very exciting thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I discovered a new venue to eat, drink and be merry. This may not sound like much to you, but this is the kind of thing that really gets me going and this new discovery is rather special.

Delicious Delicatessen and Café is a wonderful little hideaway. I say hideaway because although it’s very close to the centre of a rather touristy Cornish Village, it is on the far side of the town, opposite to the Penzance side and so not quite on the beaten track. To find it one must walk through the village and past all manner of the lesser and inferior opposition.
Easy to miss. Thank the Gods that I didn’t!

This very morning I put Delicious to the ultimate test. I turned up for breakfast and ordered the Full English. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m something of a Full English connoisseur and hard to please in this department. I willed Delicious to rise to the challenge and rise it did. I had an outstanding breakfast, washed down with two good sized mugs of hot Cornish roasted coffee.
Good quality ingredients and honest preparation made the breakfast for me. The sausages were real, the eggs were rich, the toast was brown and buttered, the tomato was freshly grilled, the beans did not drown the plate (my pet hate), the mushrooms were perfect and the bacon was just fine.

Abby Smith, owner and architect moves around her domain with the poise, confidence, elegance and grace of a born Matador. I could tell by the way that she engages with her customers and by the looks of adoration on their faces that they were all there for more than just the coffee and cake. Her staff too are quite lovely and to hear them banter, whitter and laugh behind the counter is a delight. There’s nothing quite like a contented crew, and Abby certainly runs a happy ship.
The crew is rounded off nicely by Poppy, Abby’s faithful Labrador who swaggers about, shmoozing with the diners and winning everyone over with her cuddly countenance.

Delicious is far more than a café.
One could just about complete ones weekly grocery shopping there. All manner of fine, fresh and local ingredients are on offer at good prices. In just a few short weeks I have had the best ever carrot cake, chocolate, bread, hummus and stuffed vine leaves available to man.

Delicious Delicatessen & Café, Fore Street, Marazion, Cornwall.

Give it a go.

Ross Waters