About Ross & Alicia


Ross is a free diver extraordinaire, excellent cook, and lover of nature who is lucky enough to call Mousehole, Cornwall his home. He started this blog to keep his close friends and family informed of his exploits and up-to-date on his hectic schedule. Also to let loose his many valuable opinions on the world.

IMG_7590About a year into documenting his travels, he met a woman who would turn out to be the love of his life and the travel partner he never even knew he needed. Alicia matched his enthusiasm for adventure, culture, food, and the great outdoors; she’s a yoga teacher who is fluent in Spanish and glamorous globe-trotter in her own right. Before long the bachelor’s blog became a chronicle of the couple’s courtship, engagement, and what will surely be many years of happy travels for the two of them.

Alicia has Ross to thank for encouraging her to jump off ever higher rocks into ever colder waters, for being her faithful, supportive, and tireless yoga photographer, and for always being willing to drive the motorbikes. And Ross will be ever grateful for Alicia’s impeccable sense of direction and navigation, her completely immature sense of humor, and for introducing him to the wonders of sushi and micro-brews. Ross is instantly decisive; Alicia does the research beforehand. Ross can smell a Roman ruin from miles away, whereas Alicia will reliably find the hippest contemporary art museum and force Ross into it. They are both insatiable for physical activity and spending as much time as possible in the fresh air. Together, they might just be unstoppable.

Alicia and Ross now live together in Mousehole…when they’re not being international vagrants. They can be reached through this website with any questions, suggestions, or friendly comments.